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July 14, 2023, 2:07 p.m.
Agenda for July 17 Board of Education Meeting
Mary Kaye Pregler <[email protected]>
ita Mattek, Country106, Darlaen Jansen, Donna Smith, Janet Krivoshein, Mark Kautza, Matt Meronk, Molly Gums, Pam McAuly, Sarah DuBore, Shelby Drabek, Thomas Schofield, Tom Zamzow, Julie Sprague, Heather McCann, [email protected], Beth Decker, Dustin Racine, Jake Leiterman, Clint Rogers, Tina VerHagen, Social Media, Ben Wilhelm, Angela Sheldon, Teale Mach, [email protected], Jamie Taylor, Lance Hitz, [email protected], Neal Patten
From: Mary Kaye Pregler on behalf of Mary Kaye Pregler <[email protected]> To: ita Mattek; Country106; Darlaen Jansen; Donna Smith; Janet Krivoshein; Mark Kautza; Matt Meronk; Molly Gums; Pam McAuly; Sarah DuBore; Shelby Drabek; Thomas Schofield; Tom Zamzow; Julie Sprague; Heather McCann; [email protected]; Beth Decker; Dustin Racine; Jake Leiterman; Clint Rogers; Tina VerHagen; Social Media; Ben Wilhelm; Angela Sheldon; Teale Mach; [email protected]; Jamie Taylor; Lance Hitz; [email protected]; Neal Patten Subject: Agenda for July 17 Board of Education Meeting Date: Friday, July 14, 2023 2:07:27 PM Attachments: July 17 Board of Education Agenda.pdf Hi, Attached is the agenda for Monday, July 17, …
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